The Big Picture

It is the year of our lord 2236. Humanity has spread through the galaxy colonising the stars. Humanity has encountered intelligent life, but none capable of more than rudimentary iron working. There is still much of the galaxy left to discover, and only a relatively small portion has been explored and even smaller portion settled.
The galaxy has many factions, but the three largest empires are the Commonwealth, The Palatinate Empire and the Hakkaido Sovereignty.

The Commonwealth is a dual monarchy, Formed by the joining of the Kingdoms of Gwynedd and Usonia on Edda. The Commonwealth was able to secure a large swath of space by investing in a formidably sized fleet of space ships early on after the invention of FTL drives, before many colonies had been established on the first habitable planets established. Though not to the first to reach new colonies, they were aggressive in their expansion and are currently the largest celestial human empire.

The Palatinate Empire was a robust empire on the human homeworld of Edda, but was slow to develop it’s interstellar colonies. However through a combination of conquest, contracts and alliances, the Palatinate Empire managed to secure one of the largest celestial empires in the galaxy. The Palatinate Empire is an Elector count state. On Edda, this meant the princes of each kingdom in the empire would vote to elect one of their number to be Emperor over them. Now, the Planetary Barons receive one vote each, though the original Elector Counts all still receive one vote (meaning that Edda have far more sway than any other planet in the Empire). The Hakkaido Sovereignty is the newest to be considered a major power on the galactic stage. Hakkaido managed to secure its empire by taking star systems in less travelled regions overlooked or deemed too hazardous by other quicker colonists. Initially it was thought that the Sovereignty was wasting time and money picking up the scraps of the other Empires, but investing in infrastructure, as well as a few lucky finds of intensely resource rich planetoids paid off later. Today the Hakkaido Sovereignty is well respected as one of the greatest powers in the galaxy.

New Corinth

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