Kal Marrik

Military Engineer, badly burned with prosthetic arm


Player: Ryan
Race: Human,
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 210lbs (95.25kg)
Average build for a man in the service (good amount of muscle, but not a lot of definition. Practical strength).
Hair: Dirty blonde
Eyes: Hazel
Burn wounds and scarring on his left side: Neck, Torso, Back, Thigh. No Left arm (prosthetic).


Kal followed a typical path, getting a degree in engineering and computing but quickly found himself desiring more adventure in life so he signed up for the Commonwealth Expeditionary forces. His education gave him speedy advancement and placement in the Combat Engineer corps, where he was able to apply his skills in the field maintenance and repair of combat vehicles, exos, and dropships.

Kals regiment was primarily involved in the colonization efforts of new worlds, specifically those with indigenous populations. More often than not his regiment found itself engaged with insurgents, and often defeating their larger numbers with superior firepower. With time this type of engagement wore on Kal.

Then in one particularly dangerous and unstable deployment, Kal found himself at odds with his orders. He had gained a minor leadership role and had been stationed on overwatch of a indigenous settlement for weeks, during which he felt he had gained some rapport with the locals despite the technological/race barriers. So instead of launching a preemptive strike on what was reported to be a cache of stolen goods and weapons, he put his faith in the locals, defied his orders and simply moved into the area to inquire.

The resulting ambush lost him many of his men and his left arm as the locals unleashed improvised explosives on his team. The handful of survivors barely made it out with hasty extraction executed a nearby firebase, whos Captain had a brother under Kal’s command. A rapid and ruthless campaign followed the incident to crush any resistance out of the locals, this was led by the Captain who had saved the remains of Kal’s team. Emergency medical attention was given to Kal and his limb replaced at high cost so that he could aid in the push, as man power was stretched thin.

After the incident Kal was court marshalled and discharged, with a hefty debt to the military for the medical costs that saved his life and gave him a new arm. The Captain who saved him advanced quickly in rank and had heavy oversight over the court marshall, and was not lenient due to the fact that Kal’s actions had gotten the Captain’s brother killed. The entire debt was held to Kal, as well as term of contract service to the military doing shit deployments to maintain colony/mining worlds for the commonwealth. The result was Kal’s forced employment to the Military under the orders of the Captain who holds a grudge against him.

Kal is jaded from his whole experience, disliking the military for its heavy hand in colonization, distrustful of indigenous populations because he feels betrayed by the group that took his arm, and relatively certain that his "employer’ is giving him assignments that are tough and or potentially lethal in order to get revenge.

Kal Marrik

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