New Corinth

What we are focussing on

The stuff for our campaign.

This campaign take place on the world of New Corinth. It is a colony on the very fringe of Commonwealth space. There is only one town of any note on the planet, which houses the spaceport. There is an indiginous alien people on the planet, the Ganth. They have iron aged technology, and are humanoid. They appear to be evolved from insects.

For this campaign, all the players will be humans. You can choose where you come from (commonwealth, etc.) and if you wish, you may even come up with a nation for your character to hail from, as there are far more than the three mentioned in the main description. This world is not super fantastical. There are no lasers available, the aliens are all primitive and generally humans push and move them away from settlements, often warring with and clearing them out. The act of colonisation is often leased out by governments to corporations. These corporations often hire “independent contractors” to aide in hazardous work, often in relation to indigenous species of colonised worlds. You will be taking the role of a small group of contractors. You can decide if you were newly formed, or have been together a long time (or anything in between). I will go over a lot of this in our first session, and can answer questions you have then or over text/im/whatever.



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